The Brighton College Abu Dhabi Diploma

The Brighton College Abu Dhabi Diploma is an exciting programme that is pursued by all
pupils in Year 9. It recognises and celebrates pupil achievement across and beyond the curriculum, co-curriculum and supercurriculum (wherein pupils extend their learning through academic clubs and societies, competitions and independent research), incentivising engagement, participation and application. The Diploma programme enables our pupils to develop many of the personal attributes beyond the academic curriculum that are important for their development, it raises expectations of all pupils and prepares them for their continuing education as they start GCSE courses, A Levels and, later, the world beyond Brighton. 

The Diploma is made up of 11 components. Pupils must complete all components to qualify for the award of a Diploma:

1. Academic Effort 
2. Independent Project 
3. Arabic Language 
4. Reading 
5. Current Affairs 
6. Physical Activity
7. Expressive Arts and Co-curricular Pursuits 
8. Public Speaking 
9. Responsibility
10. Community Service 
11. Planning, Recording and Reflecting 

Click here to download the Brighton College Abu Dhabi Guide

The Brighton College Abu Dhabi Advanced Diploma 

The Brighton College Abu Dhabi Advanced Diploma is specially designed to stretch and challenge pupils in fields beyond the curriculum, equipping them with the skills, experience and motivation needed to engage meaningfully with their A Level studies and the world beyond Brighton.

Engaging with activities outside the classroom, pupils will develop independence, curiosity, communication skills and a meaningful engagement with the wider world by addressing 5 core strands:

1. Be Aspirational
2. Be Engaged in your Learning
3. Be Healthy
4. Be an Active Member of our Community
5. Be an Informed Global Citizen

Click here to download the Brighton College Advanced Diploma Guide