Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13)

We believe in balance. At Brighton College Abu Dhabi, each pupil belongs to a House, and in these supportive communities you will be able to explore your chosen academic subjects as well as immerse yourself in our co-curricular programmes. We understand that you’re older and more independent - but there are still people on hand to guide and help as you navigate your way through classes, exams and what lies beyond school.

The support from our outstanding teachers and House tutors will help stimulate your interest in your subject areas, reinforcing the spirit of independent enquiry that defines learning at university. To reflect this independence, our dedicated Sixth Form centre provides you with your own space - to work and to relax.

A-level results

Our Sixth Form numbers have grown year-on-year, with many pupils coming to the College to ensure their final two years of school produce the results that allow them to realise their university ambitions. 

Read more about our results here.

Academic Life

Our Sixth Form pupils see their academic life as being more than just a focus on their A-level grades. We encourage a deeper love of learning through independent study, reading and research - be it a formal Extended Project Qualification, or an informal presentation to a society of interest. We have a number of pupil led initiatives that provide opportunities to develop their understanding and engagement with their chosen field of interest.

A curriculum that prepares you for the future

The majority of our Lower Sixth pupils initially choose four subjects to study, from 24 options, and then narrow down to three during the Lower Sixth year. However, a significant proportion of pupils will study four subjects through to A-level. All of our A-level subjects are taught by specialist teachers who have a passion for the topic and who are there to support you as you make your choices for university and beyond.

We offer A-levels as our core Sixth Form curriculum for two main reasons. First, it allows pupils with specific interests to specialise in subjects they enjoy, whilst also permitting pupils with a desire for breadth to select subjects from across academic disciplines. Secondly, it is a system of assessment well understood by university Admissions Tutors, preparing pupils well for their university application.


“We want to encourage our pupils to have an enthusiasm for life outside the classroom; to question and challenge the world we live in and to have a respect for the differences in others. In short, we want to turn out well-educated, respectful and intellectually curious men and women who are ready to take on a full, active and positive role in the life of the UAE and the global community.”  


Please click here to download the Sixth Form booklet.

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