Prep School

Brighton College Abu Dhabi Prep School follows the British Curriculum which is enhanced and modified to reflect our location and the international body of pupils that we teach.

In Years 3 to 6 (7 to 11 years of age) pupils are taught by talented and caring class teachers, with a significant emphasis on English and Mathematics development. Throughout the Prep School there are also specialist teachers working with the children across particular subject areas, such as PE and Computing, Music and Modern Foreign languages (French, Mandarin and Arabic). Breadth of education and breadth of experiences are important to us. For this reason, as well as thorough teaching and learning, we will often organise for our pupils and community; special visitors, trips to museums and exhibitions. There are many House competitions, community and charitable events during the year, all of which vary and enrich individuals’ experiences and our pupils’ awareness and understanding.

Preparatory School pupils make use of the whole-College facilities and are involved in Sport, PE, Swimming and Drama. This involvement brings significant benefit, providing pupils at the upper end of Prep School with the opportunity to use laboratories for Science for example, offering young pupils a more in-depth learning experience and the chance to explore the practical side of the subject with a science specialist. High levels of learning is commonplace at the College, evidenced across all our subjects as pupils are stretched and challenged across the board. Combined with the productions, performances, sporting events and co-curricular activities, the ever-so-important foundations required for Senior School and beyond, are securely laid here, at Brighton College Abu Dhabi Preparatory School.


Years 3 to 6

Year 3 is the beginning of Preparatory School and is seen as a transition year, where the children are developing their learning and independence towards the next stage of their education.

Frequent low-key assessment takes place throughout Year 3, informing planning and teaching across the broader Year 3 curriculum. Children are increasingly encouraged to recognise their progress and to begin to develop more independent ways of working. Motivation and enthusiasm are therefore maintained, as are the strong home-school links and clear lines of communication.

From Year 4, pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum, preparing them for secondary education in the Senior School from the age of 11.

There is plenty of Sport, Music, Art, Drama and co-curricular activities to complement academic subjects.

In Years 4 to 6, core lessons are taught by the class teacher and like Year 3, pupils are placed in sets for Mathematics. Specialist teachers teach Music, Drama, PE, Arabic, Islamic Studies and where applicable, French and Mandarin. In Year 6, specialist Science teachers across the three disciplines, teach the pupils in purpose-built Science laboratories, located next to Prep School in our Senior School Science corridor. 

A close system of low-key academic tracking operates throughout the Prep School, with both internal and external standardised assessments taking place on a regular basis. These tests complement our own traditional teacher assessments and give an accurate picture of the progress of each child.

Whilst parents are very welcome to contact us at any time to discuss their son or daughter, we report termly on achievement, progress and effort. Following reports, there are always formal opportunities when teachers are available to provide their professional advice and help with any educational or pastoral matter. By working together, home and school, each child will stand the very best chance of developing their understanding, of achieving success and happiness in their learning and being.

"Excited, engaged and happy children make great progress in their learning. The best learning is fun learning, and we aspire to provide this for our children every day."