Brighton College

Some of our Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils recently took part in the Intermediate UKMT Maths Challenge. This is a multiple-choice challenge consisting of 25 increasingly challenging questions. Our pupils performed brilliantly, with over two-thirds securing either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate. Amongst our highest achievers are our qualifiers for the following on Olympiad rounds. These are:
Year 9: Eunu Jung, Yonwoo Koh and Jaeuk Kim
Year 10: Yeahjoon Koh and Hannah Aly
Year 11: Stylianos Kuburtikudis
We are incredibly proud of our pupils’ achievements - a fantastic effort all round. We wish our qualifiers the best of luck in the Olympiads next week.

The Warwick Economics Summit consisted of some incredible speakers, like the Deputy Prime Minister of Spain and the author of Sapiens.  Over the course of the summit, the speakers mapped the economic environments in the decades to come, explaining their predictions on the future has in store for various industries, for example, housing and retail.

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