Brighton College

Following on from announcing record A level results earlier this week, Brighton College Abu Dhabi is celebrating another year of outstanding GCSE results with 33% of pupils securing top Grade 9s.

The College’s pupils have triumphed this year despite many obstacles with their learning due to the pandemic and have achieved exceptional results with 33% of pupils scoring Grade 9s, 56% of pupils achieving Grade 9 - 8 (A*), 77% of pupils awarded Grade 9 - 7 (A*-A), 92% Grade 9-6 (A* - B) and 99% of pupils achieving Grade 9-5 (A*-C).

While results in STEM subjects continue to be extremely impressive, 87.3% of grades across all three Sciences were 9-7 and in Mathematics 80.2% 9-7, the school has seen tremendous distinctions in Art (71% 9-8), Drama (78% 9-8) and Design Technology 64% 9-8) this year. These results prove the teacher innovation used throughout distance learning to ensure that pupils continued to thrive in these subjects.

High achieving pupils celebrating top level grades this year include:

Kai Bevan                          11 Grade 9s

Gayon Ko                           9 Grade 9s

Dheer Baldu                     10 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8

Diksha Jain                       10 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8           

Nandini Srinvasan          10 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8

Noelle Darts                     10 Grade 9s, 1 Grade 8

Junayd Hussain               10 grade 9 and 2 grade 8

Emily Dyer                        10 grade 9 and 2 grade 8

Yousef Elkomy                   9 Grade 9s 2 Grade 8s

Hollie Wilson                     8 Grade 9s 3 Grade 8s

Simon Corns, Head Master of Brighton College Abu Dhabi commented, “This year’s GCSE results at Brighton College Abu Dhabi are outstanding, and after nearly two years of really difficult circumstances, our pupils thoroughly deserve them. GCSEs form the basis of further study and a good number of our pupils will be staying on to choose from the twenty-four subjects on offer at our outstanding Sixth Form, ensuring they have the best chances of following previous year groups who have gone on to top universities around the world. I pay warm tribute to our wonderful pupils and to their outstanding teachers who, together have secured these fantastic results.”

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