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Common Entrance

The two-year Common Entrance course begins in Year 7 and is completed at the end of Year 8 with formal examinations. Traditionally Common Entrance is used as a benchmark exam for entry into British Independent Senior Schools. The curriculum reflects Key Stage 3 of the English National Curriculum but is completed by the end of Year 8 rather than in Year 9 as in most other schools. Common Entrance is very good training for our young pupils, teaching them the fundamentals of exam technique, revision skills, time management and the all-important life skill of prioritising and juggling a busy life. We believe it provides a strong foundation for life in the Senior School and beyond.

Our pupils lead full and active lives; we want them to find out what they really enjoy in life and where their natural talents lie. They will be kept extremely busy in the Prep School, participating in many areas of school life including sport, music, drama, art as well as the full academic programme. It is our belief that in doing this we are enabling them to find their passion and that ‘thing’ that really makes them tick, which will in turn support everything else that they do. Our expectations both inside and outside of the classroom are high, but children rise to these challenges and thrive on the opportunities that they are awarded. One of the very best things about the Prep School system is that, at Year 7, instead of going into the youngest year group of a Senior School, your children are about to begin two years at the top of the Prep School. They will be young leaders and role models and will gain enormously from this experience - it truly is an exciting time.

Prep School pupils are encouraged to explore new disciplines, skills and interests; to give everything a try and in doing so, learn to take risks and to risk failure. At Brighton College Prep School we will ensure that pupils are able to do all of this, knowing that they are in a safe and secure environment.

We will ensure that each pupil has clear expectations and individual success criteria to aim for and we will celebrate all these successes, great and small. It is our belief that everyone is deserving of celebration and praise and at Brighton College Prep School they will receive it.