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    Now that your AS examinations are complete and you have your results it is time to focus on the future after Brighton College.  You should be considering all of the possible options ahead and one of those options is University.  This is an exciting time and I hope you are looking forward to your next steps and please know that we are always on hand to support, guide, encourage and advise you.

    Whether you are applying to the USA, Europe, the UK, the UAE or anywhere else in the world it is critical that you carry out plenty of research into your chosen courses so that you are as prepared as possible.  You need to consider what subjects are appropriate for your course of study and you need to be aware of the entry requirements.  Ensure that you are realistic in your application choices and always ensure that you consider both aspirational and insurance courses.

    I am hoping that, by this point, you have a good idea about the subject area you’d like to study at university.  You should now be in the process of selecting your specific five courses, which will need to be included on your UCAS form.  It is critical that if you haven’t thought about this yet then you must act now.

    Once this list of courses has been finalised, attention turns to the completion of the UCAS form itself, and this is the focus of the document below.  The information in this booklet supports the information given to Brighton College pupils as part of their UCAS training in June 2016.  You should therefore read this document very carefully, to consolidate what was covered in school. It should answer all the obvious questions on how to go about filling in the form online and how to write a personal statement.

    Finally, ensure that you take advantage of the university talks that have been scheduled.  Talk to them about your aspirations, ask them pertinent questions about your course and what life would be like at university.  Make sure you show an interest in what will be one of the biggest and most exciting decisions of your life.

    Amit Patel
    Head of Sixth Form