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Life after Brighton College

The overwhelming majority of pupils from Brighton College will continue onto higher education, either immediately after the Upper Sixth (Year 13), or following a gap year. 

The university application process is carefully managed by our Head of Sixth Form. Advice is provided in a gradual manner, to ensure that pupils are not overwhelmed, but are fully aware of all the information they need to know. In Year 11, information is provided on the way in which universities use IGCSE grades as part of their selection process; in the Lower Sixth, the application process is introduced and specific events are run for pupils and parents considering applications to Oxford, Cambridge, the Ivy League and the other world's leading universities. The Head of Sixth Form meets with all pupils to discuss the process and their aims in a more informal and personalised manner, departments run extension classes for pupils considering applications to the most competitive universities, applicants for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (and other vocational courses) are assisted with the organisation of work experience placements, and the period after the completion of AS examinations is used to start compiling university applications. In the Upper Sixth, tutors and housemasters advise pupils as they complete their university applications, references are written, and departments prepare pupils for admissions tests and interviews as required. At that point, the focus turns to supporting pupils as they prepare for their final A-level examinations, and the fulfilment of the conditions of their university offers.

The preparation process for Oxbridge applications runs over a 12-month period, beginning in the January of the Lower Sixth year (Year 12).

Also in the Sixth Form, pupils are provided with information on options for gap years, with many pupils proceeding to internships, scholarship placements with professional services firms, or charity programmes overseas. Careers evenings are also a regular feature of the Sixth Form at Brighton College Abu Dhabi. Pupils and parents are provided with extensive resources to support the provision of this advice.

That said, the Careers provision at the school starts before the Sixth Form. In Years 9, 10 and 11, elements of the PSHE programme help build up a pupil's view of themselves and the outside world. 

Remaining a part of the Community

Every pupil who graduates from Brighton at the end of Year 13 automatically becomes part of the Old Brightonian alumni network. Alumni will have the opportunity to attend events and collaborate with alumni from the Brighton College family of schools. More information about the Old Brightonians network can be found at