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    More GCSE Records smashed at Brighton College Abu Dhabi

    More GCSE Records smashed at Brighton College Abu Dhabi

    Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupils achieved an impressive 47% Grade 9-8 (A*), 71% Grade 9-7 (A*-A), 90% Grade 9-5 (A* - B) and 95% Grade 9-4 (A*-C) in their GCSE examinations, a testament to the academic excellence that Brighton College is renowned for.

    This year the majority of subjects were given numerical grades, with grade 9 being the highest. Given how few of these were awarded worldwide, we are particularly delighted that 27% of our pupils secured this top-level at grade 9.

    We have enjoyed huge success across the full, and varied range of subjects taken at GCSE. Of particular note are the results from our Science, Mathematics, Art, Mandarin and Arabic departments where the majority achieved level 9/8/A*. In addition, this year was the first cohort taking Business Studies at the College where 44% of the pupils achieved A*-A. These results further build on the immense successes of previous years.

    Individual pupil successes this year include:

    George (Sebastian) Hirjoaba 7 Grade 9’s

    Wilhelm Garemo 7 Grade 9’s *

    Leen Kharouf 7 Grade 9’s

    Razaan Ganatra 6 Grade 9’s

    Isaac Hammond 6 Grade 9’s

    Simon Corns, Head Master of Brighton College Abu Dhabi said “I am incredibly proud of the achievements of our GCSE pupils who have exceeded even last year’s tremendous achievements, and I would like to thank our dedicated staff, pastoral support team and parents who have gone above and beyond in providing pupils with excellent teaching, support and subject knowledge. Whilst acknowledging the pupils’ enormous achievements, what gives me the greatest pleasure is the consistent progress that our pupils make irrespective of their starting point. As well as being academically dedicated, our pupils have been involved in all other aspects of school life, including taking on Charity Work, Sports, Performing Arts and leadership positions.”

    Emma Parsons, Head of Years 9 - 11, said “In light of the significant changes to GCSEs over the last couple of years, to have raised our results once again this year is really remarkable. It is worth mentioning that there has been a 7% increase in Grade 9-8 (A*). We have seen first-hand how hard all the pupils have worked to achieve these incredible results and the commitment and dedication of our teaching staff is outstanding. We are incredibly proud of all our pupils; well done!”

    Henning Fries, CEO, Bloom Education said: “Bloom Education is pleased with the incredible success of Brighton College Abu Dhabi pupils in their GCSE examinations. The students’ high aspirations and determination to succeed has provided the confidence to aim high. I thank the parents and school staff for their tremendous dedication and wish all the pupils great success.”

    Henning added: “At Bloom Education, our aim is to provide pupils with academic excellence and a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities, all underpinned by a deep commitment to the individual needs and enthusiasms of each child, which is achieved through partnership with world-renowned educational institutions, such as Brighton College in the UK.”

    We look forward to many of our pupils joining our Sixth Form and giving them the opportunity to select from the largest choice of A level courses in Abu Dhabi.