Brighton College

Brighton College


Our buses are the highest quality available in Abu Dhabi and offer maximum safety and security for your children. Each bus is a new 25-seater manned by trained drivers and female attendants. Each bus is equipped with seat belts, CCTV, GPS and RFID identification – which means that we can monitor children on each bus as well as identify which children have boarded and left the bus. We have chosen smaller buses in an attempt to minimise the amount of time children have to spend on their bus journey.

Booking & payment

Since we run our bus service at cost, it is vital that we maximise the use of the available capacity. To operate a fair policy, the charge for use of the service will be invoiced in advance on a termly basis.

If you wish to book a seat for your child, please email Lana Goliath at for further information.

Our Bus Policy can be found here.