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Counselling Service

The College Counsellor covers the College in its entirety and this includes the pupils, parents and staff, if they would wish to access the service. The School Counsellor is also the lead Child Protection Officer for the College, which means dealing with any disclosures that are made concerning members of this community. All staff have attended Child Protection training including the adults who monitor the school bus system, to make sure that they have the most current training possible for the UAE. Counselling provides an opportunity for individuals to talk, in confidence, about things that are worrying them or affecting their day to day life. Counsellors are trained to listen without judging and to help the person to sort out their thoughts and feelings. What the individual chooses to talk about is completely up to them, but common issues for pupils are bullying, parental separation, stress, friendships, change, bereavement, distressing traumatic events and anger. Appointments are arranged within school hours at a time which is convenient for the pupil and Counsellor, and this time will remain the same for as long as your son or daughter needs to use the service. An initial meeting with parents may also be offered to explore the issues regarding a child from a parental perspective.

A key feature of the service is that information discussed in the counselling session is treated confidentially. Counselling is a time when the individual needs to feel able to talk about concerns without fear of them being discussed elsewhere. This includes, for your son or daughter, not discussing the sessions with parents/teachers, unless the he or she requests or gives consent for this. This can be hard for parents to accept at times, but confidentiality is imperative for the young person to form a trusting relationship in which they feel able to share and speak openly. Whilst it is usual that parents are informed that their child is accessing the service, there may be times when your son or daughter does not want you to know. The Counsellor will explore this with him/her and respect the wishes of the pupil, if the Counsellor of the view that they can make an informed decision about their parents not being advised. However, if there is a concern about a pupil’s welfare, then your son or daughter will be advised that this information needs to be shared.

Who can I talk to if I would like some more information about counselling?

If you would like your son or daughter to access the service, please discuss this with them, where possible. You can talk to their House Tutor or Housemaster/mistress. You can also send me email to

If, as a parent, you wish to access the service, please email me at the same email address.