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Special Educational Needs Support

The Special Educational Needs Department has well qualified, dedicated teachers working in designated areas throughout the College. Each working area is resourced to meet the requirements of each pupil’s specific needs providing personalised intervention and support. The department works in consultation with class or subject specific teachers and conducts assessments, where appropriate, to identify areas of specific need. Pupils are monitored rigorously at regular intervals and progress is fed back to pupils, parents and teachers.

Aims of the Department:

  • To identify pupils with specific learning difficulties, referring them to external agencies where appropriate
  • To remove barriers to learning and achievement that exist for those pupils with specific learning difficulties
  • To encourage pupils with specific learning difficulties to understand their own learning profile and move towards independently managing their own learning needs
  • To support parents, teachers and pupils work towards solutions to specific learning difficulties
  • Where appropriate, to implement an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) on the basis of an internal or external assessment (please note, we are not required to accept the recommendations of an independently commissioned report particularly if there is no school based evidence to support it. All reports received into the SEN department must be obtained by a member of the SEN team directly from the original source). 
  • Provide specialist teacher assessment for special access arrangements in examinations, preparing the paperwork and supporting the Examinations Officer in the provision of special examination arrangements
  • Offer a maximum of two one-to-one or small group teaching for those pupils who continue to need regular curriculum support over and above what can be provided within the Academic Departments
  • To offer additional 1:1 in-class support, when appropriate, funded by parents
  • Continually monitor and support pupils with specific learning difficulties.


Most of the intervention offered by the Special Educational Needs Department is delivered either through in-class support, individual or in small group teaching. The pupils in these groups are usually from the same year group and they become very supportive of one another. Multisensory specialist programmes are delivered for pupils with:

  • Fine and gross motor skill difficulties (developmental coordination disorder)
  • Phonological delay
  • Auditory processing difficulties
  • Short term and working memory difficulties
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia

Referral Process

Referrals to the SEN Department are submitted by either the pupil’s class/subject teacher of form tutor. The referrals contain evidence of alternative strategies that have been implemented and the pupil’s potential additional need. Once a referral has been submitted the SEN Department will gather further evidence and carry out observations and standardised assessments. The level of support is reflective of these outcomes. 

Entry Requirements

In order to ensure that a child will be able to cope with the demands of the curriculum at Brighton College, we ask that parents disclose any difficulty/disability, additional need and/or a copy of a recent educational psychologist’s report on application, so that we are able to establish with confidence whether or not we can meet a child’s needs.

We very much want to ensure that any child will find Brighton College to be an environment in which they can feel happy and secure, and in which they can flourish and succeed. Inevitably, this involves making judgements about a child’s potential and likely future progress, but we believe that these procedures enable us to make decisions with the maximum degree of confidence. Candidates must therefore pass the admissions assessment in the same manner as other candidates. Additional assessments conducted in the SEN department may also be requested at this time.