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Brighton College

Supporting Learning

We pride ourselves on the exemplary pastoral care provided at the College, based on excellent working relationships between staff and pupils. Considerable care is taken in maintaining a supportive and tolerant community that celebrates differences between people and that affirms a sense of belonging for all.

In the Prep and Senior Schools, pupils are divided into different Houses which are at the heart of the school. Each has its own building and facilities, identity and ethos - but with a common framework for the pastoral support of the pupils. Each is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress with a team of tutors who have responsibility for a particular year group. Older pupils are routinely given specific roles and opportunities to lead, either as a mentor, House Prefect or through organising teams for one of the many House competitions. There are a large number of social events within each House, such as trips and a variety of entertainment, which foster a strong sense of fun and belonging.

Our last ADEK Inspection highlighted our pastoral care provision as Oustanding.

The inspection report states:

  • "The school community is highly cohesive."
  • "The systems and procedures to support students and reinforce the positive ethos are promoted strongly through the tutorial and house system."
  • "Students show great respect for one another and their different cultures. This is further reinforced by the values and heritage of the UAE that are widely promoted throughout the school."
  • "Students at all ages are given leadership opportunities to develop their social and interpersonal skills that will support them in their future lives. They demonstrate excellent awareness of how to lead safe and healthy lives."
  • "Personal development in all sections of the school is outstanding."
  • "Highly respectful relationships between all adults and students create a vibrant environment where students are happy and enthusiastic learners."
  • "Students’ positive attitudes to learning and high standards of self-discipline help them enjoy all the school has to offer. This is reflected in their high rate of attendance (95%) and punctuality." 
  • "There is a proactive approach to tackle the rare incidents of bullying which includes a safe environment for students to talk."