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Moving to Abu Dhabi

Moving to Abu Dhabi is exciting, but it can also be a daunting process. Below are some words of reassurance and advice from parents and teachers at the College about moving to this wonderful city. We hope this gives you a reassuring insight into life in Abu Dhabi.

David & Linda Oliver, parents of Samuel in Year 10 (Abu Dhabi residents for 9 months)

"Our journey to Abu Dhabi started with a job offer to join Etihad airways; this was both an exciting opportunity for us as a family and also a mind game as to whether we were doing the right thing. Our son was in a very good school in the UK which also made the decision even harder. After a few trips to Abu Dhabi, much research and speaking to a number of very good schools in the area, we decided that we would make the move, and embarked on our journey into securing a place for our son Samuel at Brighton College. Our research on the College started by looking at Brighton College in the UK, whose reputation, is second to none. Early investigation into the College in Abu Dhabi had us worried that the school was only just opening, but gave us great confidence that the UK College had been heavily involved in the setup. In addition to this, we met many of the college staff in Abu Dhabi and started to get a sense of the family culture that is embedded within the College.  Our selection following this was an easy one; Samuel started in the January of 2012 and has been really happy ever since, making good progress in his studies. Our son has many lovely friends who come from all over the world. It has given him an amazing insight and greater appreciation and understanding for other cultures and how small the world really is.Abu Dhabi itself is a great place to live, the climate makes for a very outdoor lifestyle which also means that as a family we can spend time together whether at the pool, the beaches or more recently on the water. All in all, we made the right decision coming to Abu Dhabi, and selecting Brighton College for our son."

Priya Mitchell, School Counsellor, and Nelson Mitchell, Maths Teacher (Abu Dhabi residents for 2 years)

"We moved to Abu Dhabi with the children for a change of scenery.  We had both been in our respective jobs  for over 10 years and we wanted a change and to experience a different part of the world.  Abu Dhabi appealed to us as one of us had grown up in the Gulf and it is a diverse and cosmopolitan city to live in.  It is also a great base to explore parts of the world we have yet to see. We chose to work for Brighton College Abu Dhabi due to one of us having lived in Brighton whilst studying at Sussex University and having fond memories of the area. We were also aware of the very good reputation of Brighton College UK and wanted our children to benefit from the excellent teaching and learning that Brighton College Abu Dhabi was offering.  Brighton College Abu Dhabi also has a culturally diverse staff and pupil population, which is the type of school we felt we wanted to belong to and one we could contribute to in terms of experience and culture.

We have lived here for 18 months now and still enjoy experiencing the different adventures we are having. We have met people from all walks of life and have made friends very quickly and all members of the family have come out of their comfort zones and taken on new opportunities which have presented themselves.  Our advice to any newcomer would be enjoy but come with lots of patience as you will need it."  

Vicky Walsh, Pastoral Deputy Head, Senior School. (Abu Dhabi resident for 5 years)

"Having spent my childhood in Qatar, I have always had a strong affinity with the Middle East, so when my husband and I had the opportunity to travel back to the Gulf with his work, I was over the moon! I have not been disappointed – Abu Dhabi is a warm and welcoming city and emirate; so culturally rich and deceptively vast that I always feel there is much of it left to discover. When we first arrived here, Brighton College Abu Dhabi had not yet been built. However I soon learned about this exciting new educational venture from a relative in England who was familiar with Brighton College in the UK and strongly urged me to submit my application. I am very glad I listened to her advice! For me, Brighton College Abu Dhabi is a school filled with happy pupils, who are challenged, encouraged and nurtured on a daily basis by a fantastic team of knowledgeable, dedicated and inspirational teachers. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to work as a part of this team with this special new young generation of international Brightonians."