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The Human Resources Team

HR Manager - Heather Grace -  EXT: 548
HR Specialist - Renuka Chauhan - EXT 503
HR Assistant - Jean Arsenio - EXT: 519
ADEC/HR secretary - Samira Aboudakeen - EXT: 509
And we can be also be reached here.


Our insurance company for this year will be:
National Life & General Insurance Company (NLGIC)
NLGIC is highly regarded in the UAE (it covers a significant number of network providers and that includes hospitals, medical centers, clinics, diagnostic centers, and pharmacies).
For more details related to Insurance Benefits, Claim procedures, Networks, and Claim forms, please check our HR folder/Insurance coverage and networks.

HR Forms

  • Housing loan forms: This can be used to apply for the advance payment of the housing allowance (academic staff) and advance housing loan (admin staff).
  • Formalities request form: To be used in case the employee wants to request any employment/salary certificate addressed to external parties.
  • Signing in form: This is to be used in case the employee forgot/lost his ID tag.
  • Leave application form & Leave Return form: The leave form will be filled prior requesting any type of leave (annual, unpaid, maternity, paternity, sick, compassionate etc) and return from leave form will be filled after returning from leave.
  • Leavers - Off boarding form: Clearance form to be filled before the employee leaves the company (termination/resignation).
  • Schooling fees form: This is the schooling fee concession form to be used for teachers having kids in the school and benefiting from a free places in the school (as per eligibility) and the school tuition assistance form (outside BCAD) to be used to teachers having kids outside Brighton and benefiting from tuition fees assistance (as per eligibility).

Renewing your Visa

The below documents are requested from any employee to renew his residency (usually 3 to 4 weeks prior the expiry date of the residency):
  • Original passport
  • 2 recent passport pictures background white
  • Medical test ( with the original receipt)
  • Emirates ID application
  • Insurance card copy
All the above to be submitted to the HR department and always remember to ask about the URGENT/ FAST TRACK application.

Renewing Dependent Visas

The below documents will be gathered by the employee to sponsor his family members and submitted to the HR department to type all applications related to the residency: 

  • Original Passports (family members to be sponsored)
  • Copies of the Emirates ID applications
  • Original medical test and receipt
  • Tenancy Agreement and Tawtheeq (under the sponsor’s name)
  • Last utility bill
  • Copy of employee’s (sponsor) labour contract, passport, residency, Emirates ID and insurance card
  • 2 photos white background for each member
  • Marriage certificates attested and translated to Arabic
  • Birth certificate (for child’s sponsorship) attested and translated to Arabic
  • Arabic letter addressed to the immigration (HR will prepare it)

All the above to be submitted to the HR department to type the applications and always remember to ask about the URGENT/ FAST TRACK application. 

Always remember to track the following dates:

  • Passport expiry date
  • Visa expiry date
  • Tenancy agreement / Tawtheeq expiry date
  • Emirates ID expiry date
  • Insurance card expiry date

Always remember to submit the following documents to the HR Department:

  • Leave forms
  • Return from leave forms
  • Copy of the renewed passport, visa, Emirates ID for the employee and the family members sponsored by the employee.
  • Renewed tenancy agreement/Tawtheeq