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Psychologists observe and measure behaviour, and their therapies are based on scientific study. Psychology has links with many disciplines including Biology,

Computer and Forensic Science - as well as Humanities, such as Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology and even Literature. It involves study of theory, empirical evidence and practical applications. This mix of disciplines helps to make Psychology such a fascinating subject. In your first year you may study topics such as research methods, social psychology, gender development, individual differences or cognitive psychology. This introduction will form a sound basis for the second year, in which you might study topics such as sleep, forensic psychology, celebrity worship, cognition and law, perception or mood disorders.

Further Study: A-level Psychology is a desired qualification for a range of university courses – not just Psychology degrees. Graduates with a Psychology degree – and appropriate extra study – can become Clinical, Forensic, Sports or Educational Psychologists. Psychology graduates have access to a range of careers from teaching to personnel and counselling to government and diplomatic posts.

Exam Board: AQA

Course Requirements: Grade As in GCSE Biology and English/English Literature