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Physical Education

A-level Physical Education builds on pupil' experience from Key Stage 4 and GCSE to enhance their knowledge and increase their understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in Physical Education. The qualification aims to equip pupils with skills and knowledge required for higher education or the world of work. This specification gives pupils the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles in sport, such as performer, official or coach. The content addresses contemporary topics in sport, such as the impact in the use of ergogenic aids, technology and the increasing commercialisation of sport.

Further Study: In choosing this course, pupils will develop knowledge which will equip them for undergraduate study in areas of Physiology, Bio-mechanics, Psychology and Nutrition. The variety of practical roles leads to a development of their leadership skills and moral and social development. Many pupils take A level PE to go on to study BSc Sports Science, BA Physical Education, BSc Sports Physiotherapy, BA Sports Coaching or similar courses.

Exam Board: AQA

Course Requirements: UMS mark of 56 or above in theory paper in GCSE PE. A high practical ability in one particular sport is essential.