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Government & Politics A-level

Most new pupils of politics assume that the subject is mainly concerned with UK Parliament, its processes and the various issues they see in the news. Of course, pupils will cover these areas, but it is worth thinking first of a more general definition. At its core, politics concerns the resolution of conflicts by non-violent means. We see this at the national level on the news, but it also occurs at a local level and within much smaller units such as families. When you argue with your parents over how late you can stay out, you are involved in politics!

In a fuller sense, politics can be defined as the manner in which a state is organised and run.

Further Study: Politics is a popular subject with both universities and employers due to the fact that pupils learns how to analyse and evaluate. If you are someone who is interested in current affairs, the main reason for taking this subject is its continually changing nature.

Exam Board: AQA

Course Requirements: Grade Bs in GCSE History and English