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Brighton College

Further Mathematics

Pupils will complete the full A-level in Mathematics in the Lower Sixth year, followed by another AS or A-level in Further Mathematics in the Upper Sixth. This is a very fast paced course and for the most passionate and competent of mathematicians. There are many papers to sit to get the double A-level in Mathematics and Further Mathematics. The Further Mathematics syllabus will require up to 8 lessons per week to complete the course.

Further Study: Mathematics works well in conjunction with any other subject. Likewise, universities regard a Sixth Form qualification in Mathematics very highly.  Many 1.5 and double mathematicians will go on to read a Mathematics related subject at university. Alternatively it will provide a very competitive advantage to those pupils looking to pursue a degree in many science courses.

Exam Board: Edexcel

Course Requirements:  

  • 1.5 Maths: Grade A is essential, pupils with less than an A* will find this course very demanding.
  • Double Maths:   Grade A* and a passionate interest in Mathematics are essential, a good grade in some additional qualification (e.g. Additional Mathematics) is desirable.