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English Literature

The course is designed and delivered to enrich pupils’ understanding of how narrative works, to look at genre, and to learn about critical approaches to literary texts. Over the two years pupils will be introduced to the different aspects of genre, and will discover how central narrative is to the way literary texts function. Encouraging wide and independent reading, the course also considers different types of critical approach and how texts can reflect cultural meanings. This specification is built on a central organising principle: that the exploration of reading processes can be an interesting and enriching way to approach literary texts. Within this central idea, Literature is seen as consisting of possible groups of texts which can be categorised, and whose meaning can be negotiated in many different ways.

Further Study: Studies of English Literature involve such a wide ranging skill base that they are staples for many areas of further study. Pupils will develop the ability to use literary approaches to read and interpret texts, cultivating an understanding of how to engage creatively and independently with a range of texts. Exploring the relationships between texts and the ability to carry out independent and sustained studies will further ensure pupils develop analytical skills necessary for further studies. 

Exam Board: AQA

Course Requirements: Grade B or above in both English Language and English Literature GCSEs.