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English Language & Literature

English Language and Literature A Level provides a platform for pupils to explore their love and passion for literature. The specification provides a full and coherent integration of literary and linguistic study in each of the four units. It offers pupils an accessible and stimulating course in which they will engage with a variety of spoken and written texts. The course is suitably demanding, leading pupils beyond the levels expected at GCSE towards an independence in analysing and commenting on texts, thus providing a firm foundation for study at University in a multitude of differeing courses.

Further Study: Studies of English and English Literature involve such a wide ranging skill base that they are staples for most areas of further study. Pupils will develop the ability to use integrated linguistic and literary approaches to read and interpret texts, cultivating an understanding of how to engage creatively and independently with a range of spoken, written and multimodal texts. Exploring the relationships between texts and the ability to carry out independent and sustained studies will further ensure pupils develop the skills as producers and interpreters of language.

Exam Board: AQA

Course Requirements: Grade B or above in both English Language and English Literature GCSEs.