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Many new pupils who are new to Economics believe that it is all about money and, in particular, that taking the subject will help you make money in the future!  Of course, Economics at A Level and beyond is a useful stepping stone on the road to careers in finance, accountancy, banking or business generally, but the subject itself has a lot more to it than just money. At the heart of Economics is the concept of scarcity. Without the problem of scarce resources, there would be no study of Economics.  Different societies have to decide how to distribute their resources given that there is not enough for everyone to have whatever they want.

Further Study: Economics is a popular subject with both universities and employers due to the fact that, like History and Politics, the pupils learns how to analyse and evaluate. However, if you are someone who is interested in current affairs, the main reason for taking this subject is its continually changing nature. There are not many other subjects that can say there is something in a broadsheet paper every day that relates directly to the material covered in class.

Exam Board: Edexcel

Course Requirements: Grade B at Maths and English GCSE