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Curriculum Overview

In the Sixth Form, pupils follow the A-level curriculum. Pupils will generally begin with four subjects and then narrow down to three during the Lower Sixth year. However, a significant proportion of pupils will study four subjects through to A-level. Further information about the courses offered at A-level can be found in the departmental web pages. Pupils have a free choice of subjects from the 24 on offer, though tutors, Housemasters, Housemistresses and the Head of Sixth Form are always on hand to provide advice regarding suitable subject combinations in preparation for university applications, which are submitted in the early part of the Upper Sixth year. 

We offer A-levels as our core Sixth Form curriculum for two main reasons. First, it allows pupils with specific interests to specialise in subjects they enjoy, whilst also permitting pupils with a desire for breadth to select subjects from across academic disciplines. Secondly, it is a system of assessment well understood by university Admissions Tutors, preparing pupils well for their university application.

There are plenty of further academic opportunities available to Sixth Form pupils to supplement their core A-level courses and all departments run extension sessions for pupils considering study of a particular subject at university.


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