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Our courses will introduce the pupils to write characters as well as use the spoken language. Our aim is to help pupils develop their whole Mandarin language skills in a variety of contexts and gain a broad understanding of the culture of the different countries and communities where Mandarin is spoken. It encourages the enjoyment of language learning and enables pupils use these acquired language skills in a multi-lingual global society. Compared with the younger years, there is greater emphasis on reading and writing skills. Lunar New Year celebrations, the Chinese culture clubs and the Chinese GCSE clinic, are where pupils are given further opportunities to improve their Mandarin. In addition to this the departmental assemblies, trips to China, the Short Courses Scholarship in Beijing, pen pal systems, summer camps in China, watching Chinese performances and our relationship with the Confucius Institute at Zayed University all help our pupils to enjoy many opportunities to experience the Chinese culture first hand.

Year 9 

The curriculum in Year 9 is designed to give pupils a common grounding of Mandarin before advancing to GCSE topics in Year 10 and to develop their learning skills so that they have the basic knowledge and skills to progress onto GCSE Mandarin, should they choose this as an option. Topics in Year 9 include the Chinese writing system, Personal Information, School and Education.


The AQA Mandarin course starts in Year 10 with all assessments taking place in Year 11. Topics in Year 10 include Relationships and Choices, Free time and the Media, Home and Local Area and Holidays. Pupils continue to study the AQA topics in Year 11 which include the Environment, Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles, Current and future jobs.

Pupils are assessed in the four key areas of Listening, reading, writing and speaking over the course of two years with all main examinations in Year 11.