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Brighton College

Islamic Studies

Learning about Islamic studies is easy as it depends on Fetrah. It is essential in order to enrich one’s faith, and brings to light the historical and cultural aspects of Islam. The pupils are expected to be able to show that they understand the meaning of Aqeedah and are able to practice it. Understanding, reading and memorizing the Quran and hadeath are some of the aims of learning about Islam. The pupils actively learn, understand, internalize the concepts and become motivated to implement and live them in daily life. The pupils are expected to take part in conversations, seeking and conveying information, expressing their opinions and reasons. 

Year 9

The Year 9 pupils are expected to learn about and use the Quran, applying the ideas learned in school during daily life. The prophet’s bibliography and messages are given to the pupils in order for them to follow as a role model. 

Year 10

In Year 10, Muslim pupils are expected to have a good level of knowledge and understanding about worship and the stories of the prophets. They are able to read the Quran in Arabic, with the application of a set of rules of Tajweed, in order to understand some of the Quranic verses. ‘Learning Islam 2’ is a text book used with the pupils, which contains lessons that cover lively character building themes extracted from the Qur’an, Hadeeth, faith, Seerah and other authentic sources. The Islamic themes and concepts are presented in an exciting and creative manner. Each chapter includes relevant Islamic vocabulary, succinct and objective material, and relevant stories. The material studied is meaningful and action oriented, the themes of the book are supported by highlighted passages from the Qur’an and relevant Hadeeth of the Prophet. Additionally, the text book ‘Faith in Action’ encourages pupils to put what they learn in every chapter into action. Pictures and illustrations make studying Islam an exciting experience for pupils of this age group. The pupils are encouraged to consolidate their knowledge and to analyse and discuss concepts.