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Instrumental Music

Instrumental music thrives at Brighton College. Wind band, Choirs, String, Guitar, Brass and Arabic Music ensembles and more contemporary groups all have a place here. The extra-curricular programme encompasses all styles of music and provides opportunities for musicians at every level to become involved. There is a rich programme with something for everyone from recorder group to Arabic clapping and Samba Drumming to Keyboard group.

Opportunities for performances are pivotal to the success of the department. Performance Master Classes takes place regularly throughout the school year for Pre-prep, Prep and Senior School pupils. These opportunities provide an invaluable experience for pupils to perform to a live audience in a 600-seater theatre. The aim of these events is to provide the pupils with an audience of family and friends to support and encourage them on their musical growth as a performer. The end of term concerts are a celebration of the ensembles hard work and rehearsals throughout the terms. Each school has an individual concert to celebrate their musical success gained through extra-curricular activities and lessons.

The pupils also have the opportunity to perform outside of College. Pupils are always performing across the city at various events and celebrations including the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival, at the opening of the Confucius Institute for Chinese Language at Zayed University and even Carol singing at hotels and public spaces in December each year!

The College has developed strong links with the National Symphony Orchestra who are currently based and affiliated with Brighton College. Brighton College hosts their rehearsals and concerts in the College theatre. Their outreach programme draws our instrumental learners to gain experience of learning and performance opportunities with a high class ensemble. 

Individual Lessons

Over 40% of Brighton College pupils undertake individual instrumental lessons from our highly skilled team of instrumental music teachers. Lessons are available on orchestral instruments, piano, voice and guitar. All instrumental lessons are 40 minutes long and take place on a rotating timetable from Year 2 to Year 12. 

For any enquires regarding the instrumental program please contact Ruth Forsythe, Head of Instrumental Music at the College.