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Often viewed as a minority Modern Language in British Schools German is a popular option in the Senior School. Our 'Business' minded pupils keen to step into the corporate world after graduating from Universities understand the value of German as a language often used in international boardrooms.

Year 9 

During Year 9 we follow the Zoom course to allow pupils to study topics such as hobbies, healthy living and future plans. The main focus is on building confidence when writing and speaking, and on developing a solid grasp of the past, present and future tenses.


GCSE German, studied over two years in Years 10 and 11, is a very varied course which provides pupils with the vocabulary and linguistic tools they will need for everyday situations in the German-speaking world. Many people find that the logical German grammatical rules are easy to apply and the interactive aspects of the course help pupils gain confidence quickly. Able linguists should relish the opportunity to learn the language of a country with which we do so much trade and which is widely sought after by employers. We follow the AQA syllabus at GCSE, which is assessed by four final examinations, each worth 25% of the total. Pupils follow the AQA GCSE German Higher course and consolidate their Year 9 grammar, studying topics that initially include relationships with family and friends, technology and social media, free-time activities, customs and festivals, home, town and region, charity work, healthy living, environment, poverty, holidays, school, university and careers. The more advanced GCSE topics and grammar are studied in Year 11. Towards the end of Year 11, many pupils will be laying the foundations for AS study. GCSE past paper skills are built into lessons over the course of the two years so that pupils are confident in these papers by the end of Year 11.