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Often viewed as a minority Modern Language in British Schools German is a popular option in the Senior School. Our 'Business' minded pupils keen to step into the corporate world after graduating from Universities understand the value of German as a language often used in international boardrooms.

Year 9

German in Year 9 is offered to beginners and pupils with prior learning. The lessons will follow topics in the course book Echo 3 but will include revision of more basic topics from Echo 1 and Echo 2 to support beginners in their language learning. The course in Year 9 will equip pupils with a good foundation in order to continue learning German at GCSE if they so wish.


German is offered to linguists as a 2-year course. We follow the Edexcel full course 2GNO1 to GCSE in German. The course is designed for beginners or for those who already have some knowledge of the language. Many people find that the logical German grammatical rules are easy to apply and the interactive aspects of the course help pupils gain confidence quickly. Able linguists should relish the opportunity to learn the language of a country with which we do so much trade and which is widely sought after by employers. There are five topic areas taught in Year 10: The Media, Holidays, Life at School, Friends, Family and Personal relationships and Health.

The course continues in Year 11 with the final topics of:  The World of Work, My Local Area, The Environment, Free Time and Leisure in Terms 1 and 2 and further Controlled Assessments are carried out before focusing on revision of all topics in Term 3. Pupils also practice Higher Tier Listening and Reading examination papers to prepare for their final GCSE Examinations in these two skills.