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For pupils who want to appreciate the relevance of our changing world; the importance of people and environments from local to global. In short, in Geography you will learn ‘from the real world, about the real world in the real world!’ You will investigate the earth and its peoples; study the features of the earth and how they are formed; and enquire into places where people and environments meet.

Year 9 

Geography in Year 9 covers a variety of topics which enable pupils to conduct fieldwork, produce individual project work, use Ordnance Survey maps, satellite images and aerial photographs, and develop ICT skills. All of these will be essential for the 2-year GCSE course in Years 10 and 11, where Geography is a popular optional subject.


During the GCSE course pupils will study four key units: Geographical Skills, The Natural Environment, The Human Environment and Investigating Geography. Pupils will attend day trips in Abu Dhabi and beyond to supplement their understanding of geography from the classroom. GCSE Geography is the most popular GCSE options subject due to its relevance to the world around us, its accessibility to all learning styles and its usefulness for studying a wide range of A-level and University courses in the future.

The department hold's photographic competitions and lunchtime clubs such as recycling and charity clubs to help bring the curriculum alive.