Brighton College

Brighton College


Pupils studying English in the Senior School at Brighton College Abu Dhabi can expect to cultivate an appreciation for Literature, whilst also developing the communication skills necessary to ensure success in their lives ahead. The breadth of study draws on a complete spectrum of works, from the Literary Tradition to contemporary non-fiction, and across a range of forms, genres and cultures. Our subject specialists will endeavour to engage pupils with the texts that have captured and defined the human experience through the ages, instilling the ability to analyse texts with insight, write with accuracy and precision, and communicate their ideas confidently. 

Year 9

Whilst Year 9 pupils are not subject to GCSE exams, the year is designed to include assessments that are similar in style, and pupils will be given the opportunity to fast-track should they be deemed suitable candidates who are prepared for the rigours of GCSE. The course covers the same range of texts as the GCSE course of study, ensuring all the skills necessary for success at GCSE level are introduced. A Year 9 pupil at Brighton College Abu Dhabi should expect to learn how to effectively adapt their writing to suit purpose, form and audience; analyse, compare and contrast poetry across the ages linked by a common theme; write a thematic essay on a Shakespeare play; and study a novel to a GCSE standard. 


In Year 10 GCSEs formally begin and continue through to the end of Year 11, with all summative exams taking place at the end of the course. All pupils will be entered for both the English Language and English Literature GCSEs. The pupils can expect to be taught by the same teacher for two years, following the AQA GCSE course, which offers a breadth of literary texts for pupils on to enhance their analytical skills with and enjoy.

Both the Language and Literature GCSEs will be taught concurrently over the two years, offering a variation of topics and skills, measurable progression, and the opportunities for assessment at suitable intervals.