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Drama is a vibrant feature of life at Brighton College. Drama allows us to transcend the boundaries of our identity, and to better understand ourselves. Drama is taught not only in lessons, but through a variety of performances and extra-curricular activities that occur throughout the College.

At Brighton College Abu Dhabi, Drama is about drawing from the pupils a capacity for creativity. The College's state of the art 600-seat theatre has proven to be a remarkable facility for the school and has already hosted major concerts, productions, cultural events and royalty. Facilities within the theatre are some of the best in the Middle East. The large dance studio provides excellent rehearsal space for productions as well as hosting a popular dance programme for a range of ages.

Further features include a 57-strong lighting rig, intricate surround sound for radio microphones, costumes, and a fully-kitted control box unit that the pupils can be trained in further underpins the ambitious aims that Brighton College Abu Dhabi has set out to achieve with its Performing Arts programme.

Year 9 

In Year 9 Drama is an important part of the arts curriculum and is taught as a discrete subject. In Year 9 pupils will meet and explore a range of drama techniques which are then developed and extended at GCSE level.

Year 10

In preparation for the practical examinations in Year 11, the first year of the course is spent exploring a variety of theatrical styles and finding ways to enable the pupils to see themselves as performers working towards a common goal. We also aim to see a wide variety of plays. During Year 10, there is an informal performance evening when pupils show some of their work to friends and parents.

Year 11

The coursework element consists of two different practical projects, assessed during terms 1 and 2 of Year 11. The two pieces of practical coursework are performance based. This work is develoepd by the pupils, facilitated by the teacher and created collaboratively. The written examination requires pupils to write detailed evaluations of pieces of theatre they have made and/or to respond to a piece of theatre seen over the course. Questions cover such areas as acting skills, design, technical elements and audience response.