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Brighton College

Design Technology

The Design Technology department has been specifically designed to inspire pupils in a unique, state of the art environment. It boasts a range of machinery with a strong emphasis to modern technologies such as laser cutting as well as all the other machinery expected of a College Design Technology workshop. The emphasis in the department is to help foster the pupil’s creativeness and become inspired by the environment in which they learn. Elements of Industry and new techniques are blended together inviting the pupils to question why or how a certain process has been used. The love for learning is evident in the Design Technology department as pupils engage in thinking creatively, problem solving, designing products, manufacturing products and testing ideas.

Year 9 

The pupils are provided with a limited amount of cardboard and given the problem of designing a scaled chair. They learn to analyse products in detail to learn how they function. They undertake focused tasks that develop knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to design and make assignments. They engage in design and make assignments in different and progressively more complex contexts, including for purposes and uses beyond the classroom. They work individually and in teams, taking on different roles and responsibilities. 


GCSE Design Technology: Product Design enables pupils to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques. Packaging, labelling and instructions are encouraged as part of the complete design proposal and advertising, points of sale can be used to supplement the making experience and help create products which can be evaluated for their commercial viability.  This course has 60 per cent controlled assessment in order to recognise the importance of practical work within this subject.