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Studying Arabic GCSE will give pupils the opportunity to learn how to communicate in the UAE and other Arabic-speaking countries. They will also learn more about Arabic civilization and culture. Choosing GCSE Arabic will also provide pupils with the chance to develop their language skills and improve their skills of memorization and speed reading.

Communication skills are vital in our world today. Being able to speak, listen, read and write are the cornerstones of building personal relationships and being successful in all aspects of life.

Year 9 

All pupils in Year 9 learn Arabic and become familiar with basic written forms and structures that follow grammatical patterns. During the year they become more familiar with varying forms of all Arabic letters and develop their reading and writing skills. The course develops pupils’ speaking and listening skills to allow them to communicate confidently and accurately in a range of situations. Pupils also extend their knowledge and understanding of the geography and culture of the Arabic speaking countries.


Pupils who opt to take Arabic at GCSE level follow the Edexcel course. The aims are to develop the ability to communicate effectively through the spoken and written word. They will use a range of vocabulary and structures, developing an understanding of the spoken and written forms in a range of contexts. Pupils develop knowledge of Arabic and language-learning skills, as well as a deepening cultural awareness through a variety of learning tasks and topic-based activities. Topics are divided into five main areas including ‘Home and Abroad’, ‘Education, Training and Employment’, ‘House, Home and Daily Routine’, ‘Media, Entertainment and Youth Culture’ and ‘Social Activities, Fitness and Health’. At the end of the course the pupils will sit an examination in each skill area.