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Brighton College

Year 3 and 4 Mathematics

In Year 3 and 4 Maths the children are set and the decision as to pupil placement is guided partly on beginning of year assessments but also on reports from the previous academic year and previous teacher assessment. These sets are not permanent and changes take place throughout the year, based on progress and further assessments. There is an overlap between each of the sets and children will be challenged and supported appropriately to cater for their individual needs regardless of the set they are in.  Agility in Mental Maths is highly prized and a number of initiatives are used to help boost children’s levels and ensure that Mental Maths is supported at home on a daily basis, from the weekly times tables quizzes in to the 25-a-day initiative. 

Prep in Maths is assigned on a weekly basis and is often used to consolidate work covered that week in class or can be used to introduce a new concept.  We are well resourced and fortunate to subscribe to two fabulous websites: Myimaths and Manga High.

Both are invaluable tools for both children and teachers and cover all areas of the curriculum. These resources are used in class and each child has their own personal login to access work set at home. 

Textbooks are not used in Year 3 and 4, with teachers preferring to adopt a more creative, cross curricular approach to our Maths curriculum, thus bringing the subject alive for the children and making it both fun and meaningful.  Children are actively encouraged to think about their learning and answer the questions, What, Why and How at the end of each lesson, so they are able to apply what they have learnt to real life contexts, thus making their experiences both real and valid.  We take every opportunity to give the children hands on activities to develop their mathematical skills. Problem solving is essential and a TASC wheel approach is adopted to help children work their way through multi-step word problems in a logical and systematic fashion.