Brighton College

Brighton College

Year 3 and 4 English

English is at the heart of our curriculum and our passionate class teachers endeavour to equip Brightonians with the necessary written and spoken communication skills required for success in the modern world. Pupils joining the Prep School in Year 3 are encouraged to think more critically about their own written style and this is a skill greatly valued in Year 4 where children need to become strong self and peer assessors in order to know how to improve their own and other’s work. At the beginning of the year we share a video to clearly demonstrate how to build excellence into our work by giving specific and valid feedback. 

The pupils are with their class teacher for English in Year 3 and 4 and the work is differentiated according to the ability of the pupil. The teacher assessment, to determine ability groups, is based on formal assessments, that are done when the pupils enter Year 3 and Year 4 and interaction with the teacher during class time.


Targets will be set for reading, writing and maths after initial beginning of term assessments and shared with the children, with each child having a target book mark in their workbooks, which they will refer to on a daily basis. These targets are changed throughout the year as the children improve and make progress. These targets will be shared with you at Parents’ Evening.