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Drama & Music

Children are able to access drama in a number of ways; Drama is an integral part of the curriculum in the Prep School and those who wish to do so are also encouraged to take examinations and receive accreditation for their work by following the Trinity College London syllabus. In addition, there are a number of school productions each year. These are run for specific age groups so that each child has the opportunity to perform in a piece most suitable for their age and abilities. These shows are always very popular and parts are highly sought after!

During Prep School Academic Music lessons pupils from Years 3 to 6 receive 2 hours of curriculum music a week. The pupils in Years 3 and 4, alongside academic Music lessons learn to play the recorder and write a topic opera based around their learning in Science. Years 5 and 6 focus on music from all over the world, composing and performing African Drumming and Samba music. They also get to grips with our new iMac suite using the programmes Garage Band and Sibelius. 

Instrumental pupils regularly perform within academic lessons, inspiring other pupils and developing techniques in different genres of music such as the blues.