Brighton College

Brighton College


At Brighton, the English curriculum focuses on the core literacy areas of writing, reading and speaking and listening. In their final year of the Prep School, pupils will sit the English Common Entrance examination which focuses on assessing their reading comprehension and writing skills.


In English lessons pupils will read a diverse range of classic and contemporary literature as part of their English curriculum.  In addition pupils are expected to read a broad range of books independently, using either the library or their own personal book collection. Each pupil, from Year 5 to Year 8, will be provided with their own reading journal to allow them to keep track of all the books they have read over the course of the year. In the journal they will be expected to write a brief book review, giving a personal response to each book read. In addition pupils have been set the challenge of reading books from different genres. These include: adventure, science fiction, mystery, stories from other cultures and classics (pre-1960) among other genres.


Pupils will learn to write in a range of different styles from creative fictional writing to journalistic writing, persuasive writing to commentaries. For all pieces of writing, pupils will be asked to consider the Purpose of the task at hand, the Audience they are writing for and appropriate Language features they should use for that style of writing (the acronym PAL is used here to help pupils remember this). 

Speaking and listening

Oral communication provides a key part of the English curriculum at Brighton College. Pupils will often be asked to work with their talk partners or participate in group discussion to allow them to verbalise and develop their ideas. A range of drama activities are also used to support pupils understanding and empathy towards different texts. In the Prep School pupils will also develop their public speaking skills and be able to communicate confidently and articulately in front of an audience.