Brighton College

Brighton College

Curriculum Overview

Brighton College Prep School follows the British Curriculum leading up to Common Entrance at the end of Year 8; the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) sets Common Entrance and the papers are sent from England. Our curriculum, based on the English National Curriculum, is enhanced and modified to reflect our location and the international body of pupils that we teach.

Throughout the school, specialist teachers work with the children across particular areas of the curriculum such as PE and ICT.

In Years 3 and 4 the children continue to be based in their classes with their teachers teaching the majority of their lessons. However, the introduction to specialist teaching in subjects such as languages and music prepares them for full subject specialism across the curriculum, which, unlike other schools, begins in Year 5.

Children in Year 5 are at just the right age to really benefit from this and their thirst for knowledge and their love of learning is ready for the challenge. Giving children the opportunity to go to the laboratory for Science offers them a more in depth learning experience and the opportunity to explore the practical side of the subject at a younger age with a science specialist. This increased level of learning is seen across all our subjects as children are stretched and challenged by teachers who are passionate about their chosen subjects.

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