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Brighton College

Welcome from the Head of Prep School

We aim to give our pupils a full and exciting school experience, to achieve more than they thought possible.

Our children in Years 3, 4 and 5 (Lower Prep School) continue to have the security of a class teacher. However, unlike many other schools this changes in Year 6. At this age your children are ready for something different and specialist teaching is introduced. Children in Year 6 are at the right age to really benefit from this; their thirst for knowledge and love of learning makes them ready for the challenge. The benefit of having teachers who are passionate about their subject is invaluable.

In Year 6, pupils start the Upper Prep School. Unique to the Prep School system is that, in Year 7, instead of becoming the youngest in the Senior School, pupils begin two years at the top of the Prep School. They become young leaders and role models, gaining enormously from this opportunity. The academic challenge is continued as pupils prepare for their first external examinations and sit the Common Entrance (CE). This curriculum reflects Key Stage 3 but is completed a year earlier. CE is excellent training for our young pupils, teaching them the fundamentals of exam technique and revision skills providing a strong foundation for Senior School, whilst also giving our pupils direct transferability to top UK schools.

Pupils will be busy; we want them to find out what they enjoy and where their passions lie. They will be encouraged to explore new disciplines; to give everything a try; to take risks and to know how it feels to conquer challenges. They learn to prioritise and to manage their time while maximising their own personal achievement in the classroom.

The Prep School has a strong feeling of community for children, parents and staff alike, based around an active House System, which in turn encourages an empathetic and compassionate nature and an understanding and appreciation of the world.

In short Prep School pupils will have an excellent and holistic education whilst broadening horizons and pushing boundaries.

Rebecca Layton-Short, Head of Prep School