Brighton College

Brighton College

Years 1 & 2

Key Stage One covers the period of learning for children in Yr1 and Yr2. The curriculum is presented in a rich, stable, caring and effective environment that provides children with an exciting and enriched curriculum. Following the National Curriculum of England, class teachers take their own classes for the majority of subjects (English, Maths, Science, Art, Geography, History, DT and Computing) however children benefit from specialist teaching in several subject areas including Arabic, Islamic, PE, Music and Swimming.

Through the curriculum children will develop a love of literature and become confident speakers, readers and writers; the English curriculum being underpinned by the Read, Write, Inc’ Phonics programme. Children will learn the core concepts that underpin all areas of Maths using a practical approach wherever possible and will develop reasoning and problem-solving skills. Through Science and the Foundation Subjects (History, Geography, Art, Design and Computing) children will learn to ask questions to broaden their knowledge of the word around them and to become critical and evaluative thinkers. 10

Our PSHME curriculum supports that pastoral development of every child enabling them to feel happy, confident and secure in their environment and to give them the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to become informed and responsible citizens. Alongside the PSHME curriculum, children are also taught to develop an understanding of the culture and values of the UAE through the Moral Education and My Identity Programmes.