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In early Numeracy, a practical approach creates an understanding of concepts on which all future study is based. At the beginning of your child’s learning journey the emphasis within numeracy teaching in the Pre-Prep School is to ensure early mathematical skills are achieved through practical, fun filled activities. We believe that only then can children, at such early stages of their education, begin to conceptualise those mathematical ‘building blocks.’ Every child will develop at his or her own pace; at Brighton College children are truly thought of as individuals.

All activities are selected to challenge, stimulate and satiate each child’s natural quest for learning. We believe it is important that children are given a broader view of Mathematics and that they are taught how to apply their knowledge and skills to real life problems and investigations. Hence they are provided with opportunities to practise and apply their learning in a variety of practical ways, using different approaches and developing strategies to solve problems.

As children progress into Year 1 and 2, learning becomes more obvious to the child as they begin to talk about their learning, including what they need to do to improve. This ability for Brighton children to take ownership of their own learning creates a deeper engagement in lessons. Assessment in numeracy is a constant, collaborative and ongoing process throughout the school year.