Brighton College

Brighton College


Our aim is to instil in every child a life-long love of literature with an appreciation of the wide variety of genres. With lively, interactive teaching we aspire to produce confident, literate communicators who enjoy using their creativity.

From Nursery onwards our pupils learn to compose stories and gain an understanding of the different styles of language. As our pupils mature we encourage them read a wide variety of texts, take part in classroom discussions and role play. Throughout Year 1 and Year 2 pupils study a number of different genres and learn to recognize and recreate the features and styles of each.

From FS2 all pupils are taught phonics through the use of ‘Read, Write, Inc.'  Read, Write, Inc. incorporates handwriting, reading and writing and is taught for the first lesson each day four days a week. In FS1 pupils are encouraged to start leaning phonics as soon as they are ready with most children engaging in a simplified version of Read, Write, Inc. from Term 2.                        

Our children experience a range of high-quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry, including a number of ICT and other visual texts as well as texts which relate to other areas of the curriculum. Teachers plan for early reading knowledge and skills to be taught explicitly through Read, Write, Inc. 'Shared and Guided Reading’ as well as discrete word-level teaching sessions. Children are then able to apply what they have learned in Guided Reading and when reading independently from texts.

Differentiation and personalised learning is key to much of our teachers planning for Literacy. We ensure that we are able to provide additional support for children whose fine motor skills are slow to develop, to avoid the consequence of them becoming frustrated with this aspect of writing and we offer additional reading opportunities for those who need extra support.

Throughout the year, we host a number of ‘Book Fairs’, ‘Poet Teas’, ‘Viking Sagas’, ‘Book Week’, Assemblies and more. Parents are invited to contribute and take part in these events.