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Brighton College

Curriculum Overview

The Pre-Prep School curriculum strives to enable every child to reach their full potential in all areas of their development. Our Pre-Prep School programme of studies is based upon the English Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines and the English National Curriculum, whilst also reflecting the culture and traditions of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Through the delivery of the curriculum in an innovative and creative way, it is adapted to challenge and to meet the needs of all our pupils, thus achieving the levels expected by the best independent schools in the UK. In FS1 and FS2, children have ready access to indoor and outdoor learning environments, and learn predominantly through play. Our pupils’ learning is developed through half-termly themes.

The three prime areas are:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development.

Children are also supported in four specific areas through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied. These are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

In Years 1 and 2, children continue their learning journey through a variety of ‘hands on’ and practical experiences. They are encouraged to acquire and develop skills that are transferred across curriculum areas, thus embedding their learning and ensuring that meaningful and memorable links are made. Using this creative approach to the curriculum, learning is exciting and builds on our pupils’ interests. Outside of the classroom, all Pre-Prep School pupils take part in a wide range of co-curricular activities to enrich their learning and to explore new skills and interests. Three areas are crucial for igniting children’s curiosity for learning, for building their capacity to learn and form relationships.

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