Brighton College

Brighton College


The Brighton College academic curriculum is designed to impart a foundation of knowledge and body of skills with which to understand and question the world we live in and to prepare us, through an innovative approach to education, for the world we are likely to inhabit in the future. In short, we strive to turn out well-educated, tolerant and intellectually curious men and women who are ready to take a full, active and positive role in the life of our country and of our world.

Curriculum Aim

  1. To instil a love of learning for its own sake in all our pupils and to provide a working atmosphere where good relationships between staff and pupils contribute to an effective and enjoyable learning process.
  2. To enable every child to fulfil his or her potential and to encourage every pupil to acquire the foundation of knowledge, body of skills and experience necessary to enable them to understand and question the world we live in.
  3. To promote an awareness of, and appreciation for, a spiritual dimension to lives of the pupils in order to facilitate their spiritual, moral, cultural, and intellectual development.
  4. To encourage pupils to develop confidence and self-respect as well as a respect for difference in others. There is recognition that the efforts and achievements of every individual in our community are valued equally.
  5. To encourage an enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom – in particular, sport, music and the performing arts.
  6. To ensure continuity between the stages of education and to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  7. To provide a variety of opportunities for staff to enhance their professional experience within a rewarding and fulfilling career.
  8. To ensure that the curriculum is effectively monitored, evaluated and implemented.