Brighton College

Brighton College


Brighton College was founded in 1845. The school occupies a significant niche in the development of English secondary education during the nineteenth century: it helped to promote the use of individual classrooms for teaching small groups; it was an early pioneer in teaching both modern languages and science, later erecting the first purpose-built science laboratory. It is also credited with inventing the school magazine and setting up the first school gymnasium.

Continuing the tradition of innovation, more recently Brighton was the first independent school to introduce compulsory Mandarin from the age of 13 and the first public school in the UK to sign a deal with the Chinese government to encourage teaching of Mandarin and Chinese culture. Today, Brighton College is the top co-educational school in England and its public examination results regularly place it among the top ten schools.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi is another exciting step in the development of Brighton College. The success, innovation and momentum of Brighton College in the UK have provided the foundation for a world-class school in the Middle East.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi is the realisation of a joint venture between Brighton College UK and Bloom, the property development arm of National Holding of Abu Dhabi.

The state-of-the-art campus on Abu Dhabi island opened in 2011 and provides a range of facilities and learning environments, with Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schools each retaining their own distinctive identities within the wider College community.